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Posted on Wed December 5, 2018

Autumn Update from the office!

Well, you will immediately notice from the title that my best intensions of doing these monthly has slipped and it now appears to be a seasonal thing! It goes without saying that October was a bit of a blur, spent mainly trying to get to grips with the financial and administrative systems that exist within the business and working out the best way to streamline these to make it more efficient and productive in the future. This is ongoing, but I am happy to report that I believe I have broken the back of it (famous last words).

Beyond the boring work in the office, a great deal has happened during the last couple of months both behind the scenes and front of house.

On the golf course, James and his team have continued their good work going into the winter. We have invested in a thorough fungicide and herbicide programme in a bid to prevent disease to the greens. This is vitally important to ensure we have the very best putting surfaces coming into next spring. I must say on that point that I am delighted to see the greens have recovered so strongly from the hollow coring and top dressing they received in September. It is this work that ensures low thatch levels and good greens that are playable throughout the winter. There remain some areas on greens that were lost last summer and these will be turfed to ensure a fast and full recovery.

The fairways have come back well generally speaking, and those that are still struggling have been brushed using the new cutting units on the fairway mower. It is hoped that this, along with focused scarification and over seeding will help to boost the weakest parts of the fairways.

We have now come off most tees, and whilst it is the case that the tees require a more thorough re-think in the future, this winter we will be working hard to get them as good as they can be for next season. I am grateful for the members’ understanding while the tees are out of play.

We have seen great success with our winter membership promotion and thanks to that and personal letters to previous members, we have grown the membership by 15 full members in November. We will continue to try and grow that number further over the next few months and remain grateful to all members who have charmed, bribed and cajoled members back into the club.

In the hotel we have enjoyed many wonderful events. I had the pleasure of attending my first AGM and I thank all of those present for supporting the club and its hard working officers. I also thank them for being relatively gentle with me...this year! I also attended the club’s Presentation Night and Christmas Party. Thanks go to Richard Shuttleworth for his hard work in organising the event along with the Captains and Past Captains. It was great to see so many people there but I am certain we can top the 100 mark next year. Thanks also go to Darren Game for his tremendous work with the Juniors and congratulations to all of those amazingly talented young people who attended on the night.

As well as the club events we have hosted a number of large celebrations for friend both old and new and it is a real pleasure for me to see our guests enjoying such memorable times and allowing us to play a part in those wonderful memories. The great feedback is a joy to hear and I do my very best to ensure the team know what a great job they do.

This said there are (naturally) occasions where in spite of our best efforts we don’t get things quite right. On these occasions I would make a simple request to all members and guests. Everything we do is with the very best of intentions for you and your experience here at the Toft and I would ask that all of your feedback is given in the same spirit. I would also ask that you tell us honestly what you think as soon as possible. We want to be able to put right any errors or oversights there and then so that you leave having had the very best experience possible. If you can do those things for us, we will ensure that you are never disappointed.

Finally an unashamed plug for what we have coming up ahead of us. Our Christmas Party Nights are already full but that doesn’t mean you cannot come and have your own festive celebration with us in December. We will be serving our festive menu both at lunch time and in the evening throughout December so just give us a call and we will make sure your table is reserved while we still have space.

Christmas Day is fully booked but we do still have space for New Years’ Eve. We have an amazing 7 course menu on the night followed by a party to be remembered and bubbles at midnight! To book your space call us or email [email protected]

Finally a couple of dates for 2019. We will be celebrating Burns Night in style on Friday 25th January. The Menu will be released soon so watch this space... Also for those old romantics out there we will have a very special offer for Valentines this year so don’t plan anything without asking us first!

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