Unfortunately we had to close

Following the acquisition of The Toft Hotel and Golf Club in September 2019 Giri Golf Limited entered the premises under license from the Administrators of the previous occupier until the lease could be assigned. During the Covid Pandemic, The solicitor acting for the landlord confirmed the Lees family would not assign the lease. As a last ditch effort to save the business as it was, an offer was made to the Lees family for them to purchase all the assets of the hotel and club therefore allowing them to continue to trade on the basis they didn't want Giri Golf Limited to be there. This offer was also rejected and therefore Giri Golf Limited has unfortunately had to enter liquidation. Lewis BRI have been appointed as liquidators and are available on 0113 245 9444 We are devastated by the unfair change in thought process by the Landlords and wish our customers, colleagues and suppliers the best for the future. Should you need anything you can contact us on help@tofthotelgolf.co.uk